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 - Tim Cooper
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Manuscript Conversion
Okay, so you've got your edited manuscript all ready to go... now what?

Preparing your manuscript for publication can be a stressful and confusing time. Even many of the document conversion tools targetted at authors assume some level of technical expertise.

You thought writing your book was hard... now you're faced with having to master more tools just to get that one step closer to becoming a 'published author'.

At Indie Author Assist we understand that many authors don't have the time to go off and learn yet another piece of software. Right?

Wouldn't you be happier spending your time writing more books?... or at least on something more exciting and nowhere near as tedious as getting the formatting for platforms such as Amazon Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks and numerous other E-book publishing platforms... not to mention Createspace print on demand...

Let us take the worry and hassle off your shoulders...

Our manuscript conversion services start at $45 for a standard sized novel or short non-fiction work.

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Book Cover Design
"Don't judge a book by it's cover"... yeah, yeah, how many times have you heard that old saying?

Sound advise... only problem is when it comes to actual books, that's exactly how they're judged... initially at least.

If your cover looks home made, drab or boring, if it blends into the background and doesn't stand out...then what chance have you got of someone actually clicking through to learn more about your book?

Your book cover is the first thing that people see, you've only got a matter of seconds to grab their attention and spark their interest... If your cover doesn't jump off the page and make all the other covers around it look, well, ho hum... then you've lost them.

Don't leave the success of your book to chance. Let us prepare a professional, eye catching, thought provoking book cover for you.

We cater for both fiction and non-fiction.

Our book cover packages start at $29 for a Kindle cover. We can also provide you with a Createspace cover design for your book.

There's a design package to suit every budget, but regardless of the option you choose you will always be guanteed of a professional design promptly delivered to your email inbox.

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3D Book & Product Mockups
So, how are you going to get the word out about you're newly published masterpiece?

Facebook... check
Twitter... check
Instagram... check
Email... check
Book promotion sites... check

That's all well and good, but without professional quality 3D mock-ups you're going to be hard pressed to get your audience excited.

Well here's something for you to get excited about...

We literally have hundreds of 3D templates for you to choose from. What better way to showcase your masterpieces then with a professional 3D product image... or two?

You can choose from paperback and hardcover - with a selection of spine widths...

Front and back cover combos...

Magazine and binder style images for special reports and bonus material...

Yes, we can even produce images of stacks of books and boxsets....

The samples we provide on this site are just a teaser of what we can do for you.

You can order single mockups or a package of images, you choose. Either way we will provide you with images that are ready for the web (lower resolution, smalller file size for faster loading), along with high quality, high resolution images that are suitable for print media.

Make your book promotions pop! Grab a bundle of 3D book mockups today!

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Website Building
Q. "I'm an author, do I need a website?"
A. "It depends... do you want to build a relationship with your readers?"

Do you need a website to sell books?... No, but... if you want to sell lot's of books...

There's a big difference in the bottom line between an author who just drops his book on Kindle, sits back and waits for the royality checks to come in...

Um, actually, let's scrap that example. Everyone knows that would lead to zero book sales once you'd exhausted family and friends...

Okay so Author A. publishes on Amazon, does some marketing and generates some montenum.

Author B. publishes on Amazon but also has a freebie (either a novella or some other juicy morsel) that has been set up as a permafree on Amazon but also being promoted on the author's private website.

Author B. has been very studious and industrious. Author B.'s full priced books have links back to the website where the reader can get a valuable freebie in exchange for an email address.

In simplest terms, a website is a list building machine. Why do you need a list? Well... click through to the next screen... I'm actually trying to be short and to the point here...

Want to see a sample author website?... Check out ScottMichaelsAuthor.com
(Yes, we designed and manage that site for Scott, and yes, we can build your site to make it look exactly the way to want it)

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Coaching Services
There are many pieces to the puzzle from completed manuscript to making decent book sales... and most pieces of the puzzle take time and effort to implement...and yes, often you have to learn new skills if you want to do it yourself...

To many authors it just becomes overwhelming... they either lack the technical skill or the time to learn a new skill. Many authors just want to write... and what's wrong with that? Afterall, that's what authors do.. right?

At Indie Author Assist we have a proven blueprint to take you from manuscript to sales, but we also understand that you may need a little help along the way.

That's why we offer our 'Done-with-you' packages. You can choose to let us do as much or as little of the work for you. Just one area of the process got you stuck? No problem, we'll get you over that hurdle. Want us to do it all for you, well yes, we can do that too.

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Coming Soon: Book Review Connect
Any book marketing coach will tell you if you want to turbo charge your book sales then you need reviews, lots of them.

Just recently I saw a book hit #1 in it's category on the day of it's release. How? The author had successfully implimented a strategy that resulted in over 100 reviews being posted on it's fist day! (Yes, we can help you put the same strategy to work)
There is a right way and wrong to get reviews...
Book Review Connect is a web based application that is currently still under development.

Once released, it will be the most feature packed, streamlined, easy to use, time saving tool when it comes to connecting with reviewers and requesting a book review.

Click Here to get on the early notifcation list (and enjoy an exclusive special charter subscription offer when the software is released).
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